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Tanning Info & FAQ's

Tanning Hut believes in and practices Smart Tanning.

Whether you tan
indoors or outdoors,
the process is the same..........

Ultraviolet rays stimulate skin cells to produce melanin, the pigment that makes your skin tan. 

There are two types of ultraviolet light rays- UVA an UVB.

Different indoor tanning units use different combinations of these two tanning rays. 

Whatever the combination, your exposure times are regulated by the federal government
to minimize your risk of sunburn or overexposure.

Smart Tanning involves following the exposure schedule designed for your skin type and
avoiding sunburn by tanning gradually.


The important thing is to avoid Sunburn.

Protect your eyes. Simply closing them or wearing outdoor sunglasses while you tan is not adequate protection against possible long-term eye injury. Wearing the FDA-compliant eye protection (available in the salon) can eliminate that risk.

Protect your lips. They do not produce melanin and will burn easily unless you protect them with lip balms or sunscreen.

Medications. If you are taking any medications, please let your salon attendant know. Some medications can cause reactions with UV light, so it is important that you tells us. Click here for list of Photo-sensitizing Medications.

Tanning sensitive areas. If you plan to tan in the nude, cover previously unexposed areas for the majority of your tanning sessions for the first few visits. Gradually increase exposure to these areas, giving the skin time to build melanin production.

Moisturize your skin. The heat and light from tanning sessions can dry your skin. Because moist skin tans best, we recommend you moisturize before and after each tanning session to get the most out of each visit.

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FAQ'S about Tanning

Q:  Do I have to wear the goggles?

A:  Yes! Your eyelids are not sufficient protection. Long term non-use of goggles and sunglasses outside can lead to loss of
night vision, cataracts, and photo keratisis.

Q:  I just started tanning, how long will it take for me to see results?

A:  You should see some change after your first few sessions.  Start with a low tanning time recommended by our staff from your
skin analysis and gradually increase your tanning time by 1-3 minutes each session as recommended by our staff.  
Start off at 3-4 times a week and adjust according to your personal progress.
The best way to get your tan faster and to make it last longer is to use a tanning accelerator lotion and keep your
skin moisturized.

Q:  How can I maintain my tan longer?

A:  Keep your skin hydrated.  Use a moisturizer daily.  It is best to use a moisturizer designed specifically for indoor tanning to
replenishish essential vitamins and nutrients. These moisturizers are made "By tanning people FOR tanning people."

Q:  Why does my tan fade?

A:  Your tan occurs on the outer layers of your skin, the epidermal layers.  
Those skin cells gradually die and are replaced with a new layer approximately every 28-30 days.

Q:  Should I shower after a tanning session?

A:  The tanning process continues after your session for 12 to 48 hours. If you go home and bathe right away you will strip the
moisture from your skin and remove the tanning accelerator that is working for you and your tan.  If you can, let that lotion and moisture keep working for YOU as long as possible for the BEST results.

Q:  Can I use my indoor tanning lotion outdoors?

A:  Not recommended, indoor tanning lotion has No Sunscreen!  Remember: you are in a tanning bed for a controlled period of time. Outside:
you are out there for many hours. Use SPF lotion outside. Use indoor lotion indoors.

   Mike's Corner              Let's Talk: Body Hair

Being a guy, body hair is something that we have to deal with and I’ve found that there are certain tanning lotions that are easier and more “guy-friendly” to apply. I hate using something that just globs up in my body hair and won’t rub in.

Personally, I use tanning accelerators for a few reasons, the first one being:  I can get more results a lot faster (less time in tanning beds).

Second:  It is just good skin health. It’s like if you work out, you take supplements to get the maximum results…tanning is the same way.

I have tried them all and here are some products that work great for guys.
Gentleman by Australian Gold  comes with or without bronzer
Hydroblack or Hydromax by Hempz
Australian Gold Accelerator in Lotion or Spray

There is NOTHING feminine about taking care of your body. After all, it does have to last your whole life. While I am on the subject of skin health, sunburning is the worst thing that can happen to you with regards to UV exposure (indoor or out door) it damages the DNA in your skin and can improve your chances of permanent skin damage…a nice base tan can help keep you from sunburning.

And since I am on the subject of lotions I might add that good tanning accelerators actually keep you from burning. Dry skin is more likely to burn.

Smart tanning has lots of benefits. Tannning creates endorphines like exercise does…so it makes you feel good, the other thing is it makes you feel good because you look good. The main thing is just have fun and experience it, and if ever you have any questions please give us a call at The Hut, catch us on Facebook and Instagram or drop us an e-
mail at teri@tanninghut.biz

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